Prism Mezzanine
Wizard’s water prisms bend light in Gowanas Ballroom in 2014.

Colin Bowring, The Wizard, explores the medium of science to make his art. Working with large adjustable mirrors, holographic gyroscopes, human sized water prisms and bicycle rim water lenses, he transforms beams of sunlight into scattered patterns of spectral bliss.
All of this light art and science work began in his house in San Francisco in 2012. He named it The Art Science Workshop because all of the contraptions for controlling light were manufactured right there on the floor of his room. Once enough exhibits had been made he rode out on his rainbow pinwheel scooter into the streets of the Mission to invite people back to see the solar light show in his room and his garage. The Art Science Workshop is a place to explore the possibilities of optics and art, it is a place of discovery and whimsy, it is a place for a mind to experience new ways of seeing.
With his newfound talent of turning scraps of metal, mirrors, and sheets of glass into rolling adjustable solar reflectors and water filled prisms, The Wizard traveled to Brooklyn, New York to build a new set of light tools to make his art. His first show Spectrum I 2014 took place in a large-scale metal fabrication shop and gave The Wizard a new sense of scale for his light work. In addition he began to develop a new series of work: the glass castle. The Wizard has returned to New York several times to explore new ways of presenting light and optics on a grand scale. In January, 2015 he collaborated with George Delbario on Spectrum II, an analog color mapping onto an 80-foot tall bridge structure.

Wherever he may be, The Wizard’s art is about discovery, energy, color, and the transient visual experience: a temporal gift of light science and light art to the public.