Spectrum I 2014 was The Wizards first NY show. Courtney Jordan a curator for Gowanas Ballroom invited the Wizard to come do a solo exhibition in a 100 foot tall building that opperates as Serett metal shop during working hours. Wizard trolled around Brooklyn’s streets to find mirrors, glass, metal, and wheels to build his light contraptions. He developed new skills of glass cutting and mig welding. When completed, the main mirror outside the shop would shine sunlight in, strike the two glass/water prisms, refracted light would reflect of the parabolic hexagon mirror, tringles of color would shimmer off the mylar curtains and then spectrums would dance on the giant hanging inflated parachute cloud.  People came to experience these sun phenomenon in the day and at night Wizard used spotlights and his laser harmonograph machine to project spectrums of light through giant smoke rings made from a big clear cube with a hole cut out of the front.  The smoke rings pass along the beams of light creating a three dimensional volume of how the light passes through the space. All the exhibits rolled around and durring the experience the Wizard changed the setting and showed audiences that the light could be used in different ways to create different effects and feelings. Sometimes light shone on the walls, sometimes on the parachutes and aometimes onto the glass castles.