The laser harmonograph is a machine that I built the first model of in 2013 it was larger and had more lasers on it but it was harder to line up the beams as the pattern is always expanding. This one I built early in 2014 and it traveled to Brooklyn NY with me for my first big show. By controlling the speeds and directions of the 5 different motors, different shapes can be achieved. Some shapes look like flowers and others coiling concentric rings. Steering the machine is a skill a person gets to understand better as they start to see and understand what the different layers of waves cause.  I usually explain the device as a model for showing layered dimensions. Point, line, plane, growth on the plane, depth on a third axis, depth on a fourth axis. 🙂


The last two lines of the diagram show the harmonies in 3 dimensional format or on the screen of the oscilloscope.


image image image

Beaming the laser cone into different size lenses shows the focal points of the lenses and demonstrates how light can be redirected focused and spread apart.



image image image image 


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