The bubble table provides hours of scientific explorational fun. A bubble table should hold liquid bubble solution in and not leak on the floor. This acrylic box manufactured as a cover for MOMA art displays, does exactly that. It holds a gallon of water  as a thin layer of water. A Hula hoop with twill wrapped around it is hoisted by a single pulley that hangs from the ceiling.


Mr. Green watches from the window with great intensity.


Newform Architechture

The goal is to pull up on the hoop slowly so that either a large bubble forms on the table or a film forms across the hoop.


Observe the the image of the sun in the reflection of the bubble.


With a thin film on the hoop, reflections can be cast onto the ceiling.


Seeing the bubble undulate beside it’s two reflections is quite magical and scientific simultaneously.image image

Here the Film is about to separate from the bubble below.


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